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So several things have been going on these last few months, mainly my resolve to try and get my t-shirts back going and selling. On my days off I'm going to be putting together new designs to print and sell. Single colors will be printed by myself but I'm going to also be doing some colored printing. These may go with higher prices than normal single-color prints because:
1. They use more ink.
2. I might have to go through another company to actually have these printed.

I'm also going to be making button collections which will be printed, put together and sold. I'll be doing these myself to keep the cost down. :)

COSPLAY! I'm going to AWA once more and this year I'm not waiting until the last minute to put my costume together! There is also something special happening this year. Jess will be making an appearance with me! We're going to [i]rock[/i] this place! We're going to be cosplaying as the Cloth Wanderer's played in the game. She'll be in the red costume while I'm in the white since she's never actually played the game. I'll also be taking my PS3 with me this year so that she will have a chance to play the game and experience what I've fallen in love with.

We're still in the process of making the costumes but as soon as I have the base of the cloak and hood sewn together I'll post pictures of it. The symbols, mask and scarf are the main things that will probably be giving me trouble. I've also started two youtube channels, one of which will be dedicated as a "vlog" of sorts of my adventures with Jess through AWA. While it won't be but three days I'll take a lot of video and upload segments of it throughout the year.

The second youtube channel is another experiment of mine that I'm going to be doing. I've decided to dabble in the world of "let's plays" with several games. These won't be walkthroughs but more or less commentary on the game, and guest appearances with friends and family to play with me. Jess will be with me in September and we'll be playing several games at night while waiting for different midnight panels to start.

I'll post more on those later after I get them started and ready to go. The AWA vlog won't start up until probably after AWA has ended (the end of September or the weekend after we get back to our usual lives).

And now I will say that, I'm both excited and sad about this year's AWA event. Mainly because I'll be seeing the one person I love more than anything and having to say hello and goodbye in three days. But those three days will be the best of my life.

The only way they could possibly be better is if James and Dani both appeared there as well. <3


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[b]How would you describe yourself?:[/b]
[i]Arrival - Daft Punk[/i]
[Well that seems appropriate. xD;]

[b]What do you like in a guy/girl?: [/b]
[i]One More Night - Maroon 5[/i]
[Oh my...]

[b]How do you feel today?: [/b]
[i]Krogan Battlemaster - Mass Effect 2 OST[/i]
[I approve of this one... a lot.]

[b]What is life's purpose?: [/b]
[i]Blue Skies - Flux Pavilion Remix[/i]
[I... I'm not sure what this one means. :l]

[b]What is your motto?: [/b]
[i]No Mistakes - Assassin's Creed Revelations OST[/i]
[Oh Assassin's Creed.. you have good mottos.]

[b]What do your friends think of you?: [/b]
[i]Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk[/i]
[Damn straight. They better thing all the Daft Punk songs describe me and all my nerdy techno-ness.]

[b]What do you think of your parents?:[/b]
[i]Life is Beautiful - Sixx AM[/i]
[Appropriate because my mom loves this song. c:]

[b]What do you think about very often?:[/b]
[i]Alone I Break - Korn[/i]
[Actually I do think about how I'm alone a lot. :c]

[b]What is 2 + 2?: [/b]
[i]Internet Connection - Flux Pavilion Remix[/i]
[Seems legit...]

[b]What do you think of your best friend?: [/b]
[i]Face to Face - Daft Punk[/i]
[Yes, I'd like to be face to face with all of them really.]

[b]What do you think of the person you like?:[/b]
[i]Daniel - Mt. Eden (Dubstep Remix)[/i]
[Well I don't know a Daniel but ok!]

[b]What is your life story?: [/b]
[i]The Last Unicorn - Last Unicorn OST[/i]
[Yes, I am the last motherfucking unicorn~]

[b]What do you want to be when you grow up?: [/b]
[i]Nocturne - Daft Punk[/i]
[Yes... I want to be Nocturne]

[b]What do you think of when you see the person you like?: [/b]
[i]Rapture - Hurt[/i]
[That really isn't a good song to think of when you see the person you like... ._.]

[b]What will you dance to at your wedding?:[/b]
[i]Just Dance - Lady Gaga[/i]
[That seems oddly appropriate. Huh...]

[b]What will they play at your funeral?:[/b]
[i]Fall - Daft Punk[/i]
[HA! Also oddly appropriate!]

[b]What is your hobby/interest?: [/b]
[i]Ferelden at War - Dragon Age OST[/i]
[My hobbies and interests are fictional wars, awesome.]

[b]What is your biggest fear?:[/b]
[i]Humans are Disappearing (Alternate) - Mass Effect 2 OST[/i]
[This is getting creepy... stop.]

[b]What is your biggest secret?: [/b]
[i]Could be an Angel - Vic Mignogna[/i]
[Really? Should be "Could be a Devil".]

[b]What do you think of your friends?:[/b]
[i]Rock Show - Lady Gaga[/i]
[All of my friends are rock stars.]

[b]What will you post this as?: [/b]
[i]Fight or Flight - Assassin's Creed Revelations[/i]


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I love video games, I love romance novels and I love one person the most in all of the world.

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